Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA)

Enterprises are effectively aligning technology with their business goals to achieve competitive advantage.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a software architectural concept that defines the use of services to support business requirements. In an SOA, resources are made available to other participants over the network as independent services that are accessed in a standardized way. With the continuous advent of business technology, companies like yours need to be selective in finding the applications that address their needs as a unique business, as well as giving it a competitive edge in the industry. One of these applications is service oriented architecture, a specialized, open software solution that thrives on flexibility. Since technologies are ever changing ,there is a huge demand to new technology all the time, but the criticality of the system increases when new technology comes into play and the Enterprise has to make the previous implemented technology as obsolete . One solution is to uproot those technologies and replace them with an "all-in-one" solution that addresses all of those needs. Of course, the downside in that change in software often lead to changes in business processes as well. Soon, you are looking at considerable downtime as the new software is installed and employees undergo training for both the software applications and the new business processes implemented to accommodate the software, but then this is the on-going process.

Of course, there is another way. It's called open service oriented architecture.

SOA is a standards-based design methodology that more closely aligns IT with business processes using a collection of shared services on a network. Using standard interfaces that help mask the underlying technical complexity of the IT environment, SOA enables greater re-use of IT assets. This results in more rapid development and more reliable delivery of new and enhanced business services.

VSIL recommends service oriented architectural framework to its customers for achieving following business and technology benefits

Business Benefits

Specifically SOA software solutions from VSIL can help your company by allowing it to:

  • Address changes in business requirements more quickly through greater IT agility
  • Deploy and upgrade software faster
  • Create efficiencies through greater interoperability of third-party systems
  • Prevent the obsolescence of specialized technology
  • Reduce overall ownership costs
  • Responsiveness: Rapid adaptation and delivery of key business services to meet market demands for increased service levels to customers, employees, and partners' business process consulting, service oriented architecture, SOA web services, SOA consulting, web services consulting
  • Adaptability: More effectively rollout changes throughout the business with minimal complexity and effort, saving time and money

With our established strengths in ERP, CRM, Portal and EAI platforms as well as custom application development .NET technologies, we offer the widest technology portfolio for Web Services and SOA implementation. Rather than focusing on just the technology layer of Web Services such as SOAP, WSDL, UDDI etc.,VSIL's approach to SOA revolves on aligning the SOA design with key business objectives to provide concrete, measurable benefits while simultaneously addressing real world concerns such as the security and manageability of the implementation.

Our Mission

VSIL's mission is to partner with the world's emerging and established software leaders to help them bring great products to market in less time and at less cost. To do this, VSIL is committed to providing: Rigorous product engineering method and platform based on distributed Agile software development and open source tools to ensures complete visibility and accountability at each stage during the product development lifecycle.

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