Saas Enablement

Software as a Service delivery model enables profitable on-demand business applications Our PLM team transforms software companies into service companies, and enables the on-demand enterprise. Our SaaS enablement services assist you evaluate and decide if SaaS is the right way to go for your product growth, and then enable your software product to be SaaS enabled.

From designing and developing intellectual property into on-demand web applications, to building agile and effective Web 2.0 business models, to operating and marketing SaaS applications, VSIL's PLM Team can get your idea off the ground and generating income quickly and effectively.

The VSIL PLM services Advantage :

  • Extensive experience designing applications for SaaS
  • Interface design that easily adapts to branded environments
  • Flexible UI components that automatically configure at the time of installation
  • Modular on-line signup and data capture forms with configurable elements
  • RIA dashboards and application components to increase performance and accessibility to customers and users
  • UI for help and training system that adapts to customers' business rules
  • Reduced post-deployment support costs by using user-validated UI components
  • On-going implementation support throughout the development cycle
  • Virtualization Labs and Data center services expertise.
  • Trusted Remote Infrastructure Management Services (TRRIMS)

Rapid prototyping and delivery :

The world is flat. The technological innovation driving Web 2.0 has made it possible for everyone to participate in the digital revolution, and that includes you. Delivered Innovation can turn your idea into a working model in just weeks, and we can have your application online and generating revenue faster than you ever thought possible.

Using RIA and Web 2.0 interface components, performance and SaaS can go hand in hand SaaS applications that rely on traditional HTTP/HTML don't offer the dynamic user interfaces of native enterprise applications. However, using Rich Internet Applications technologies such as AJAX and Flex, SaaS applications can provide a dynamic and rich user experience. Our PLM team members are experts in the design of AJAX, Flex and Java-based Rich Internet Applications. Based on an assessment of your SaaS project requirements, we select the toolkit that provides the best UI components, tools and scalability for development.

SaaS - Requirements Analysis & Solution Definition Phase

  • Analysis of the proposed SaaS solution resulting in a high level requirements specifications
  • Recommendation of SaaS technologies and platforms matching the needs of the solution
  • Study expected growth of users and recommend infrastructure options that can scale with the planned growth while keeping cost in line with revenue growth
  • Architectural Design Review of the proposed SaaS solution resulting in a high level Architecture Document based on the technology of choice
  • Proof of Concept consisting of a working prototype of key screens as well as wireframe navigational screens
  • A high level solution development proposal consisting of an overall project plan, initial estimate of the effort and cost for developing and deploying the proposed SaaS application

SaaS Product Development

  • Product Development Planning
  • Detailed Requirements Analysis & Product Requirements Specification (PRD)
  • Architecture and Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Product Quality Assurance
  • Release Packaging, Documentation and Training.

SaaS Product Deployment

  • Infrastructure Requirements Analysis: Servers, Connectivity, Storage, Management & Monitoring
  • Review Security, Scalability, Performance, Maintainability and Availability Requirements
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Service Level Assurance Planning
  • Design and Architecting Scalable Infrastructure
  • Staging/Mirror Environment Setup and Pre-Deployment QA
  • Deployment Environment Setup and Final Release QA
  • SaaS Product Launch: Planning, Management and Launch

Our Mission

VSIL's mission is to partner with the world's emerging and established software leaders to help them bring great products to market in less time and at less cost. To do this, VSIL is committed to providing: Rigorous product engineering method and platform based on distributed Agile software development and open source tools to ensures complete visibility and accountability at each stage during the product development lifecycle.

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